Social Responsibility

MRC International reaches out to people of all means in the need of care and works with partners to provide state-of-the-art treatment through a close relation with NGOs and charitable organizations.

The Social Responsibility is of utmost importance. In the case of the exponential growth in neurological and cancer illnesses due to a rapid aging of the populations in developing nations and emerging markets, children are left orphans or with no parent able to provide for their livelihood, health and education. The social as well as economic loss for these countries is enormous. The size of the world’s aging population is a combination of population growth and life expectancy. The population in developing countries will increase by 67% between 2000 and 2050 (from 4.87 billion to 8.14 billion), while people older than 65 years in these countries will increase by 459%. The consequence of this is an explosion of patients requiring medical care for medical conditions related to an aging population, a true epidemic.


Our Social Responsibility, which is reflected in all our centers’ philosophy, ethics, and working environment, is to fight this world epidemic and its consequences. MRC supplements its centers with measures to create awareness, and foster preventive care, detection, and access to treatment. MRC reaches out to people in need of care, and works with partners to give people of all means, wealthy and poor, access to state-of-the-art treatment as an integral part of MRC International’s business objective.

MRC focuses on social responsibility in several ways: